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Modeling Percussion Synthesizer 6 pads

The super compact Nord Drum3Pcombines stunning playability with unlimited sound design possibilities!New features include integrated multi-pad,Reverb and Delay effects, a simplified sound selection mode andnew Sound Banks for quickly creating custom kits on the fly.


The ultra compact new Nord Drum 3P features an integratedsuper responsive multipad and external kick input and weighs under2kg (4,1lbs)!


The great sounding global Stereo Reverb and Delay effects lets you add a whole new dimension to your drum sounds and the effect amount is easily adjusted for each drum channel.


The newDrum Selectfeature lets you browse a wide selection of great sounding drums sounds, simply assigned to eachpadindividually. Easily replace toms, cymbals or kicksin seconds by selecting from our new preset library.

The new Drum Select banks feature9categories of great preset sounds that can be easily assigned to any of the six pads/channels - and is a great starting point in rehearsal situations when you need to find the right sounds in a matter of seconds.

The categories include Bass drums,Snare drums,Toms,Hi-hats,Cymbals,Percussion,Bells,Tuned Percussion andEffects.


The Sound generation takes place in the three sectionsTone,NoiseandClick.

The sounds of the Nord Drum 3Pare all synthesized in real-time - allowing you to both sculpt and play sounds with a unique dynamic response, regardless if you prefer to play with drum sticks or from a sequencer.


The Tone Section is specialized for creating tonal and harmonically complex sound spectras and has four synthesis modes – Resonant synthesis, Subtractive Synthesis, Frequency Modulation and Ring Modulation synthesis.

TheResonant synthesis modeoffers a wide range of complex spectras inspired by materials likedrum heads,marimba,vibraphone,tines andcymbals. A unique feature includes the possibility to tune harmonic spectra.

TheSubtractive Wave typesinclude Sine, Saw, Square,Pulse waveforms and T-Bridge Oscillatorsand arebrilliant for creating classic synth-type drum sounds and effects.

TheFM Synthesis modefeatures 6 different FM algorithms where theFrequencyparametercontrols modulation amount and Spectra controls modulation frequency.

TheRing Modulationmodefeatures 2 different types of Ring Modulation.


The Nord Drum 3P offers great control over the dynamic response of the harmonic spectras.

When usingResonant synthesis waveformstheupper parts of the harmonic spectra be controlled with velocity, giving it a brighter timbre when played hard.

When using the Subtractive synthesis mode, theFrequencyparameter controls the cut-off frequency of a Low-Pass filter and theDyn Filtercontrols how much the filter should respond to velocity.

TheDecaycontrols the decay of the whole spectra, with a choice of Linear and Exponentialdecay envelopes.ADynamic Decaymode lets you set different Decay lengths for soft and hard strokes. ThePunch Decayadds more attack to the Tone by giving the fundamental pitch an ultra-fast envelope at the very beginning of the sound.

TheBendparameter provides a powerful, velocity sensitive pitch envelope. Use it to create attack-like effects but also more radical bending sounds that travel up or down when played such asthe sound of a raindrop, tablas or theclassic 80’s “pioouw” tom-sound.


The Noise section is all about producing noise and is very powerful. Create anything from silky smooth hiss to gritty gravel to give the Tone part of the sound more texture.

The Noise can be sculpted withLow-Pass,High-PassorBand-PassfilterswithCut-OffandResonancecontrols. Once you've found the noise of your choice, it can be adjusted to respond dynamically to velocity in the same manner as with the Tone section with theDyn Filtercontrol.

TheDecaycontrol is just as powerful, with a choice of Linear,Exponential and Gated decay types. ADynamic Decaymode lets you set different Decay lengths for soft and hard strokes.

Combine this with the equally powerful dynamic controls of the Tone Section and it won’t take long before realizing the potential for creating complex sounds with fascinating material-like behaviors!


The Click-section is a specialized section for an ultra-short attack to the sound. A wide range of different click types are available as well as a level control for finding the sweet spot where the Click merges with the other elements and becomes one coherent sound.


Each of the 6 channels of the Nord Drum 3P has its own powerful effects –Drive,EQ and Ring Modulation.

Adding just a touch of Drive to your sounds can make a huge difference in terms of realism, while theSample-Rate reductionis perfect forLo-ficrackling effects. Ring Modulation can be used for slow tremolo-like effects to total atonal mayhem.

A flexible parametricEqualizerwith selectable band and amount is also available for each channel, brilliant for adding some finish or attitude to your sounds.

The Nord Drum 3 features two new Master Effects, Reverb and Delay. The Reverb features 5 roomalgorithms (Tiled Room, Room, Plate, Stage and Hall)with controls for tonal color. The Delay effect features a Tap Tempo-mode and adjustable feedback amount. The amount of Reverb and Delay can be set individually for each of the 6 channels of the Nord Drum 3P


Edit All

The handy Edit All mode let’s you edit all 6 channels simultaneously, for example reverb, distortion or delay.

Scale Presets

Tuned Percussion kits can be created instantly by selecting one of the Scale Presets,which include Chord Scales, Pentatonic, Hang Tunings andHexatonic.

Mute Group

The Mute Group gives you the option to create sounds that can cancel each other out. Only one of the members of the group can sound at a time, and can be used for creating a close/open hi-hat behavior and emulating muting techniques from hand percussion.


The Channel Mixer sets the level for each channel and also features a Pan control for creating a lush stereo image. If you like to send the kick to a separate output, just pan that channel all the way to the left and the other channels to the right.


MIDI in/out is also available for using the Nord Drum 3Pwith any kind of MIDI pads or sequence it from an external MIDI Sequencer. All of the Nord Drum 3Psound parameters can be controlled via CC-controls over MIDI. If you own an iPad don't miss our free iPad appNord Beat, specifically designed for sequencing the Nord Drum 3Pvia MIDI.


Everything you play when using the multipads and external input is automatically output to the MIDI output, making the Nord Drum 3a brilliant controller for other sound sources via MIDI.

  • 6-channel ModelingPercussion Synthesizer
  • Integrated multipad, kick pad input and MIDI
  • Simplified user interface with easy sound selection
  • Newpreset 'Drum Select' library for kicks, snares, toms and more
  • Advanced sound engine with Resonant Synthesis,Subtractive synthesis and FM-synthesis
  • Reverb and Delay Effects - adjustable amount for each pad
  • Drive, Sample-Rate reduction, Ring Modulationand EQ-effects for each pad
  • MIDI in/out and full CC-control
  • Stereo Outputwith improved output level
  • Headphone Output with improved output level

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